Forum Moderator Abuse


I find it rather troubling that there are some (VERY few) moderators who are abusing their power. I have seen a few threads over the past months, that have been very legitimate in concern, but do not agree with the current ‘status’ of the game, and they have been locked.

I completely understand locking thread due to going off topic, attack on character, not constructive, etc. But if someone is going to take the time to express their dissatisfaction with a certain aspect of the game, and they do it in an appropriate manner, then there should be no reason for that person’s thread to be locked on the spot.

Is there a way to report these moderators? Silencing others isn’t going to fix some of the issues that plague this awesome game.


Give an example of one such thread. Just curious here. Haven’t seen anyone abuse their abilities.


He’s talking about me and closing the rant topic he created. It was not constructive so I closed it.


Hi Midnight, there was one just locked within the past five minutes that I was writing a reply too, and couldn’t because it was locked. I’ll post it when I get on the PC.


Ah. I see.

@hunter91 I apologize if you feel as though you feel some of us aren’t doing a good job- however, we do our utmost to clean up and keep it civil around here. There are many reasons why a Leader or a Moderator would close a thread. If you ever feel that your thread (or someone else’s) has been closed unjustly, go ahead and PM the member who closed it. More often than not I think you’ll find there’s a good reason, and if there isn’t I’m sure the Mod or Leader in question would be happy to rectify their mistake.


Close this one too lol jk but on a serious note @hunter91 there are a ton of current threads on it, too many if you ask me and that’s probably the reason why they keep closing new ones amongst other things.


As I said, there are many reasons for thread closure. Redundancy, duplicates and useless negativity are some of those.


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