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Hey guys get out there and get into those stream twitch chats to inform people on the game and proper strategies. I have encountered many who are clueless and the streamers are to involved playing to answer or they just do now know, lets help get the correct word out there and get people as excited about this game as we are.


I’ve tried that, but I get flamed out pretty quick my the majority chuckef**** that inhabit ‘popularish’ streamers.


Mine usually get taken into consideration, surprisingly.


Yah I have had some luck just explaining some things not being a backseat driver or anything


Im like, ‘‘shooting the monster increases his stamina recharge for leaps and such’’

And the guy on the steam is like ‘‘really ?’’


Yah or mentioning that following the monster youll never catch him you could try splitting in two teams of 2 and anticipating the mosnters movement


Thats overkill, don’t push your luck xD


I just mention that the pointy end goes into the other man. :smiley:


Not to the streams they are pretty focused but just general talk with the chat if they ask.


Indeed, xD


It’s a fine line for some. Some streams are inquisitive, others are just community hang outs. The former start to ask more questions if someone is answering them


Are you sure Griffin’s harpoon isn’t supposed to be in the monster?..