Forum Lingo


For please, everybody.

It took me like three weeks to learn what 10chars was, and now I’m seeing kappa show up in a lot of places. WHAT CAN THIS MEAN?

Also, general forum lingo thread?


lol I was in the same spot you were in, but then I found out when I tried to simply type a single word reply in a thread so I learned what 10char is xD also Kappa is a thing from Twitch streaming… Here lemme get you a pic… Some info from Reddit:


Wonderful. Thank you friend.


Happy to help out :slight_smile:


Mind if I close this now that your question has been answered? :smile:


What’s 10chars anyways?


The forum has a 10 character minimum for posts. People type “10 char” to fulfill that limit when responding with less than 10 characters.


Sweet, thanks.


Is UP the new OP? Or does UP mean something different? Under powered? Just seems like people use the word UP where OP would go. I’m confused.


Yup, UP = Under Powered and OP = Over Powered.


You can close it if nobody’s getting use from it. Thank you for your work.




Seems like some people still have questions so I am going to leave it up. :smile:


In that case, Bob = Behemoth and I am 100% behind it.


what is bob?


I’m glad you asked!

You see, Bob = Behemoth.

(‘The more you know’ gif here)


so just a nickname.


Correct! :smile:


I’m learning >~<


What is GG?