Forum "Likes" UP!


Seriously – can we not at least double the amount of likes a user has available? If we cannot get this allotment raised, the only thing I can think to do is …


I am super cereal. :rage:


I’ve run out 3 times. :frowning: Those were sad days.


I hate the “your posting too much let other people have a chance to talk”

Pre order canceled even tho i bought it already.


I’ve run out twice in the last 48 hours!

(suddenly thinking he shouldn’t have admitted that … hmmm)


Then I reflexively go to like your post, @kyronr600, because apparently I have early onset Alzheimers. :laughing:


Didn’t even know that you could run out… but regardless, if anything people don’t like enough, I hardly ever see liked posts :disappointed:


I’d like yours if …

I hadn’t run out.


There, I gave you one, and only one :wink:


Show-off! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I thought I was ‘liking’ lots of things… I’ve never run out… I guess I should try harder. HERE, I’ll give you one!

Dude below me can have one too then!


Guys this thread is too off topic. You deserve to get banned for a week.


HA! :laughing:

This like allotment is a very serious issue – perhaps the most serious in this forum’s history.


who cares (not me)