Forum Hunters (and maybe monsters) Leaderboard?


So I was thinking earlier, in many online communities there is a community run leaderboard, specifically speaking of things like computer overclocking and what-not.

Was wondering how the community feels about a leaderboard, or series of leaderboards for the hunters (and monsters)?

I’d run it personally, if it got very popular might ask for some help here and there. Essentially whatever criteria we are looking for (i.e. most harpoons by maggie in a match) someone simply submits a screenshot to the thread, and I maintain a list of the highest 10 or so (or a full list, with everyone outside the 10 “hidden” in a spoiler).

Obviously only Hunt, perhaps arcade? would count…luckily the post game screenshot will say what gamemode they were in.

Looking for a yes or no to see if there is any interest in this.

  • Yes, I’m interested and may participate
  • Yes, I’m interested but probably wouldn’t participate
  • No, I’m not interested

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