Forum Guidelines


Please abide by the rules found in FAQ, Terms of Service as well as these custom rules implemented by the Moderator, Leader and Turtle Rock Studios’ Community Team:

1. Discriminatory terms

From now on, terms such as aids, cancer, retarded, gay or using any disease, racial, sexual or otherwise discriminatory term to describe something are not allowed.

2. Discussing moderator actions

Moderator actions are not to be publicly discussed on the Forum. Any disagreements you may have will need to be done over PM. This includes discussing flagged posts, reasons topics are closed and suspended users.

3. Alt accounts

Alt accounts are prohibited and will be deleted once found. This is to prevent users from circumventing bans or suspensions by creating multiple accounts.

4. Duplicate topics

Avoid making topics similar to ones that have already been posted, your topic will most likely end up being merged with the original one. Please, help us keep the forums organized and tidy by searching for similar topics using the search function.

5. Be kind and helpful with new members

New users tend to get a little confused and overwhelmed trying to learn how to properly use the forums and thus, they end up making rookie mistakes. Nevertheless, we should always thrive to make them feel welcomed and guide them through the forums so they can feel right at home!

6. Be mindful and patient with the developers

TRS is well-known for how much they interact with their community, they always thrive to make sure everyone feels listened and appreciated. However, they are still human. They don’t have to reply to your post or they may simply answer it when they feel comfortable doing so. So please avoid pressuring the devs into giving you a reply.

7. Shipping topics

Shipping topics are not allowed on the Forum, however, speculation over romantic interests between certain characters is allowed.

8. Goodbye topics

Goodbye topics stating that you are leaving the Forum and/or game are not allowed, and will be closed without question.

9. No callouts

Calling someone out on the forums by stating their name or gamer-tag is not allowed, regardless of what you accuse them of. Nobody deserves to be named and shamed.

10. Bragging

Bragging/boasting topics are not allowed on the Forum. If you feel you are really good at something, maybe others could use your help.


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