Forum Flairs to Distinguishing Role Preference

Is there a way we can add a tag of some kind to associate if we are Hunter mains vs Monster mains? Something as simple as:

When reading topics there’s a lot of things that I read and think, “this person must be a monster main…” but ultimately not sure. I think if it’s possible to have a little icon as our favorite class (like the emojis) it could help reading topics where monsters might prefer something over a hunter, or vise versa.

What do you guys think? Maybe it’s just me. Thought I’d throw in a suggestion regardless :smile:


I approve of this suggestion.

Add class flairs!

Yes, I’d love this :smile:

That would be awesome!!! :smile:


Icons or riot!

But I main Trapper and Monster. What about me? -.^ I’m a good trapper and brutal monster.

Haha just kidding. Not sure what we could do in that case… something is better than nothing imo :smile:

But but i play them all???

Choose your favorite D:

I like this idea! We have a small way of doing it via our profile descriptions. Click on my icon, and a little detail card will come up with my character preferences. You can update this in your user profile preferences.

Still, integrating it into names/titles seems cool. I’ll look into it at the next big mod meeting.


Great idea O.O
Here have a cookie :cookie: >.<


Perhaps a checklist style so that you can tick what you play? -.^

I can’t pick a fav between Trapper and Monster D: I love monster, but I equally love Hunter (Trapper). Maybe an option for Bi? :3

What Takran said. Denny’s idea was good back in the time.

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It’s like the Monster Hunter forum right? Each user haves an icon of the type of weapon they use.

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