Forum feedback: Undo or edit moderation flags


I was browsing the bugs forum. I ended up reading a post that wasn’t a bug so I flagged it but afterward realized that somehow I ended up in General, so now the flag is irrelevant and pointless.

Would be nice if we could edit/remove our own flags.


You can cancel a flag for a certain period after doing so. Furthermore, when reading a post in the wrong category, tag a mod or a leader such as myself and we’ll fix it up. I wouldn’t recommend flagging for that.

Also, bear in mind that Regulars can recategorize as well. They’ll do so if they feel the need.


I’ll remember that. On most forums I use mods tell you to flag posts for non-violations like improper title or wrong subforum so I just defaulted to that here.

I looked around for ways to delete or edit the flag text and found nothing. Do you know where I go to do that?


Hmm. I don’t think you can edit a flag, only take it back and try again, and that option only lasts for a short while.


I noticed my mistake perhaps 5 seconds after submitting the flag. I looked for a way to retract the flag but found none. I was asking if you know where I can go to do that? When I clicked the flag icon the only option I had was to PM the poster.


Hmm. In that case I can’t help you. Perhaps a moderator can, though? Try PMing one.