Forum Emojis - NEWLY ADDED (2/18)


So I’ve noticed lately just how much it disappoints me that there are no Torvald, Slim, Sunny, etc. emojis for use on the forums, nor is there any for Bob or Morgan. (Yes,I shall not conform, never will I say Miley!) I’m sure a great many of us on the forums would love to see this, so we can have more of our beloved characters for use in emoji form instead of just the originals.

Edit: Wow, I actually managed to get these to become a thing! Sure I didn’t make them myself but I brought the topic up to attention.

Where's my sunny?
Elder Kraken - Unleashed NOW!
Anyone got the Elder Kraken background on the forum?
So Who's Handling Community Tourney Skins?
[Fixed in TU09] Wins not registering on leader boards

This reminds me.

@Shaners we need some new stuff on the forums! :no_mouth:


i forgot about emojis because I use so many gifs. I don’t even know how to summon them to a post.



casual scrub…





I want a Crow emoji :smiley_cat:


Emojis < Title updates & variations


Back in the day, I submitted these emojis which can be used now: :wraith: :maggie_2: :lazarus_2: :kraken_stare: :hank_2: :griffin_2: :goliath_roar: :daisy: :cabot: :bucket: and :abe: I took some time to make new ones for tiers 4 and 5, adaptations, and some updates for broken and/or missing emojis from other parts of the game. Whether or not they can be used comes down to some technical forum-y stuff, but here is a preview of what may come at some point:

New Emotes:

remade versions of old ones that broke:

(Abe) (the current one is miscolored for some reason)

The system automatically scales these down once implemented. This saves a bit on resolution and such.


:slight_smile: Thanks for those!



Hey those are like exactly what I was hoping that could be implemented into the forums someday! It’s always sad when I see anyone talking about T4 or 5 they can’t use those types of emojis. I’m sure a lot of people would like to see those become a thing.

Edit: let’s help this man make these emojis become a thing! Anyone?


I think I’m more keen to using emojis because I’m always on mobile so it’s a bit of a hassle to get gifs I’m sure. I actually don’t even know how get a gif on here :frowning:


when replying, click the Upload button on the top bar. just paste a link to the gif/image or upload it from your device and click upload.



Yeah I knew about that, I’ve uploaded pics before, but on mobile I’m unsure how put a video/gif onto here as I don’t think that’s an option. From the upload button. Matter of fact I just checked and it asks to post the link to the gif and I wouldn’t even know how to get a link from a gif, well on mobile at least.


Talk with @Takran ! I believe he was the one making a bunch and putting them through? @Chloe do you know how to work emoji’s on discourse? I believe we customized them before I came around. :heart:


I’d totally do it, but I think it’s an admin only function - needs higher than mod privileges. We found a tutorial on it here:

It should be just a drag and drop function if the post is up to date. No pressure to add any in, but if you want to, go for it!


I’m working on putting these all in now. You guys should be seeing them show up shortly :smiley:

Sorry it took me so long, I had to find the time and follow instrerctions…


Yay!! :grinning:


:bucket_sentrygun: :bucket_sentrygun: :bucket_sentrygun:


:gorgon: :lennox: :jack_face: :jack_mask: :emet: :emetangry: :emethealing: :emetoh: :kala: :sunny: :sunny_drone: :slim: :torvald: :crow:

There in!