[Forum Bug] Cannot Quote Posts


Samsung Galaxy S3 using Chrome

“Quote reply” does not work anymore when highlighting text. This is ONLY for the mobile website. If I request the desktop page on my phone, the quote reply functionality still works.

Unknown if the inverse is true - does Quote Reply work on desktop browsers if you request the mobile version?


Can you post a screen shot of the Quote Reply feature on mobile? I am not seeing it.


That is the bug. Used to be if you selected text, a hover tag would appear that said “Quote Reply” near your selection. Tap it to add the quote markup to your post.


How long ago? I’ve been browsing the forum with Chrome on my S4 and I have never seen a Quote Reply tag pop up. That would be a killer feature to have.


It vanished 2-3 weeks ago. I chalked it up to problems on my end. But it was there.


Dang. Well there have been several updates to Discourse. It’s very likely the reason it’s missing all of a sudden.