Forum Badge system a tad buggy


Anyone else getting a tad OCD because the Share, Guidelines, and Reader badges are not responding? I’ve spent 2 hours trying to get them over and over and over. I JUST WANT TO COMPLETE IT ALL! Mods any idea? @Plaff @DamJess


Guidelines activated eventually for me, but I haven’t gotten link, quote, share, or flag, despite actively doing all. Definitely something shaky there.


Mind outlining how you got it to ping and providing links to the page you were on?


Honestly I don’t remember how I got guidelines to work. Just tried several times, don’t know if I did something differently the last time or it was just chance.


Haha, yea we’re working on learning more about the badges ourselves, it’s a bit unclear


Any ideas on how to get the Share and Reader one working? Only ones I can’t seem to force.


not sure man. Happy to look into it for you after this weekend


Read the haiku thread: Bad Evolve Haikus

That’s how it finally got mine. Although I actually did read it, and I’m guessing the software might not count if you just scroll right to the bottom.

I also shared something on Twitter, which got me that one.

I will say that they’re not always instant. I think a couple didn’t show up for quite awhile.


Feel like this should be in the forum bug report section. :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, I should have nearly all of them, but I’m still missing several I should definitely have by now. haha
Also if you look at the numbers of people who have unlocked the missing ones it’s pretty obvious which ones are broken. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanna know how you get the “Leader” one.


Discourse has a layout, but seeing as nobody has been around for at least 50 days (i think…) it’s invite only at the moment basically. :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn. I better start reading more threads. :smiley:


The issue with the Badge system isn’t really a TRS problem. Discourse is a new platform and while it’s shaping up to be an amazing piece of software, it, like all others, has it’s kinks to be worked out.

Badges are earned if a given set of parameters are all true. If even one isn’t, then the badge isn’t earned. Additionally, I would suspect that the Badge Awards are presented via cron in order to reduce load which would explain why you wouldn’t receive the badge instantly. The true Discourse expert may be able to shine some light on this.



Reader is only calculated once a day, it requires you read every post in a topic with more than 100 posts, which can be tricky cause getting timing right is real hard.

I may relax the requirements to exclude posts made in the last 24 hours. That way you will still be able to get it for active topics.

Guidelines should work, but you must scroll all the way down on I just tested and it works fine.

Share is also only calculated once every 24 hours, you must click the share link and share it somewhere, then someone else need to click on that link. It is tricky to get.

Note there are a bunch of links in the badge descriptions, but unfortunately the styling here makes them totally invisible, we will get that fixed.


Does the Share only work if you do it on an external site? A friend and I have been swapping the shared URL (with the u=dunvi referral) trying to activate that one and it hasn’t triggered for me.

I also haven’t triggered the flag one, are there sub-requirements for that one?


Did you wait 24 hours?

For the flag one, all you need to do is flag a post with the flag button (so you are going to need to find some spam or offensive content)


I’ve managed to figure out a legitimate method to getting most of the badges working. If it’s not against forum policy (Spoilers?) do I have the green light to make a thread and have it pinned? @sam


I flagged quite a few posts during the alpha and still have no badge…
I believe I might have finally gotten the share badge, but it took a loooot more sharing than just one link with my ref name in it… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m still unable to get first link, reader and first flag.
(Also can’t get the ones for people liking my topics, but that’s kind of my own fault for not having anything interesting enough to say right? :frowning: )


I literally just got the share one to trigger… on the dozenth try… again, wondering if there’s more requirements than just someone following a link with a ref. ETA could it be at all related to sharing public posts vs. posts that you have special access too (like the Alpha category)?

Still no flag one, though. I have definitely flagged… that post is now gone.


I don’t agree with the flagged badge being a thing, anyway. It seems to me it’s a really bad reason to get people to flag posts for no apparent reason other than to get the badge itself.

Not to mention, most of these badges are stuff you’ll get eventually over time.

While it’s good to know when some of the badges are bugged, I don’t think making a guide for getting badges is a good idea. It is supposed to be about being a good member of the community, not “sweet I found an easy way to get this badge.”