Forthcoming patch?


Keep hearing of a patch that’s coming out. If so, can any devs confirm what’s getting nerfed/buffed. Thanks.


Keep an eye on the Devtracker function!! it will show you all posts that devs make so you can keep informed without having to make a new thread. Keeps the forums nice and clean :smile:


there are no patchnotes but macman said behemoth gets more armor and health and a smaller weakspot + shorter startup on his abilitier in exchange they remove the roll heavy attack exploit(by removing damage from roll)

they also stated that they will nerf slim and sunny damage and wont change torvald and crow befor they have more data


Thanks. Personally don’t think crow or torvald need nerfing, if anything slim spor cloud spam, Sunnys sheild drone need reducing. I mean, 5 shield drones in a dome is op!!


5 shield drones in a dome? You can only place one at a time.


Their not REMOVING the damage completely, but nerfing it some. Their also changing how his melee attack when coming out of roll works.

When you go out of roll, you’ll do a heavy attack, then there’s a timer that will turn on. If you roll again and melee out of it, it’ll be a light attack if it’s within the timer rather than another heavy.


Sorry my bad.