Forgive Me o Gods of Technology for I Have Sinned

I got a new iPhone 6 today. After today’s conference finished.

Steve Jobs protect me…

I still have my iPhone 3GS…

Well, that’s a good sign, I hope. This’ll mean my iPhone 6 will last me a long time…right?


knocks on wood

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You shalt be ended!

I don’t have i anything my android has lasted 5 years :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, though I walk through the mobile phone store in the shadow of Android, I shall fear no techie. For Jobs is my shepherd, and I shall want simplicity only.

And you will KNOW THAT JOBS IS LORD when I rain my VENGEANCE upon thine Samsung Galaxy! pulls pin on Holy Hand Grenade

(I am so going to Hell for this post…)



I don’t have a phone. Don’t need one.

Buuuut you’re still going to hell.

Maybe if I martyr myself in the name iJihad I’ll have a chance of being rewarded with 72 Virgin Mobiles (as in these: in iHeaven…

(I honestly can’t stop myself. Sorry if this offends anyone :frowning: )

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I have a Lumia. :smile:

“Forgive Me o Gods of Technology for I Have Sinned”




I’ll never buy another Android phone, ever.
I used to, and then I would go through about 8 replacements a year just because shit didn’t work on my GalaxyS phones.

  • All the features on my iPhone work, I haven’t had to replace the phone for shit not working
  • iPhone looks better design-wise
  • Don’t have to worry about malware
  • Apple Pay makes my life easier
  • Fingerprint sensor lets me unlock my phone
  • My camera is better than almost any Android on the market
  • No learning curve to simply understand how the freaking phone works
  • Updating software is easy and fast, and I don’t need to have a brand new phone to get it

I just think about Androids and get frustrated lol

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As long as you arent buying mac desktops youre good. I dont see any practical reason to buy one.