Forget Decoy build, I have a new build for Wraith Abduction/Warp Blast


This is by far the funnest way to play wraith, forget running from hunters, because im hunting them now. I only end up putting 1 point in decoy and thats at lvl 3 . For all those wraith players i urge you to go out and try this build. Play it in solo mode till you get good at it then take it to the masses. For all the neysayers out there dont knock it till you try it, I felt the same way and boy was I ever wrong


I don’t play wraith yet but when i get Join I progress wraiths I never put points in decoy. It’s tough but exhilarating.


But without decoy how will I run across the map for 20 minutes and play hide and seek if I get caught in an arena?


When I play Wraith, I only invest 2 points in Decoy at Stage 1 for survivability, and that’s it. Points in Stage 2 and 3 go to the other moves. It makes it more challenging to play, but it teaches you how to be less reliant on tha OP skill and really thinking how to play wraith as the stealth assassin it really is.


actually this build is even harder to dome. 2 warp blast, 1 abduction al lvl 1. 3 warp blast 3 abduction at lvl 3. i personally take smell range at +75%. The combination of this makes the wraith a true assassin. The long range on warp blast makes doming the wraith near impossable because one click and I am outta dome range. Allowing me to pick hunters off one at a time.


I’m stuck facing AI so at stage three I decided to do this

Warp Blast 3
Abduction 3
Supernova 2
Decoy 1


That’s how I’ve always played her. It’s great fun. Abduct the assault out of the fight, warpblast in to the backline, and proceed to wreak havoc. Decoy, eat, repeat process. It’s literally a constant fight the entire match. It’s amazing


warp 3 times into the sky and become an orbital missile of death on hunters. abduct chosen target then as he falls to the ground warp blast then supernova = dead hunter, this tactic is great seeing how a majority of weapons in the game are close range and this build doesnt require decoy, I won a rescue game at stage 2 by putting 2 points in abduct, blast and super