Forget behemoth's lava bomb, fissure is the tities


i see so many behemoth never use his fissure, try not to take lavabomb and max fissure at stage 2.
behemoth is actually viable now thx TRS


My start is 2 fissure 1 tongue.

Roll> Melee >fissure > tongue > melee.

Then at stage 2 lava bomb to replace the last melee. Dead hunters galore.


Fissure seems much better, coming from a hunter perspective.


How do you figure?


Ends up dealing more damage, and goes through walls. More annoying than a Lava Bomb.


Ah, I actually find hemoth balanced now what do you think considering the health or was that buffed recently


With good teammates, I was able to kill him quick. But also all of the Behemoths lately are bad at him. After the update, I think more players are on him now.


Yeah the number of failed tongue grabs I’ve seen at me are miserable lol


Those tongue grabs are hard though, abduction is so much easier to hit effectively.


Fissure is far better than Lava Bomb IMO, it does an insane amount of damage, knocks hunters up, goes through walls and is easier to land.


I love Fissure! It definitely does a good amount of damage and can be used in almost any situation.

Fissure - Tongue Grab - Rock Wall - Sneak Attack/Lava Bomb = A very dead Hunter ^.^



Since day one I’ve been using that. Stage 1 two in w all one in tongue. Stage 2 three fissure. Tongue grab into fissure pounce all day.


I actually love fissure, tongue grab, rock wall, lava bomb. Continuously burns hunters trapped between me and the wall.