Forget Behemoth's bugs... why is Goliath still having problems with terrain?


In all honesty… Goliath is probably more buggy than Behemoth. It happens pretty frequently too, but usually you can recover from it but it’s still very frustrating.

I’m sure many of you have experienced the following, randomly occurring bugs. The famous Air Jordans

The not so famous bug still a pain in the ass feeding bug where you are interrupted while feeding for no apparent reason.

The lovely stubbed your toe bug where you try and leap and for some reason just stay in place without even so much as going in the air. It is so consistent at the start of Aviary I’ll probably go into Evolve tomorrow and get a video.

The glorious bad registration (thought, I think this might be game-wide. I’ve missed tranq-darts on Val while zoomed in even though I’m aiming at the base of a monster.

Best part is this even happens when you aren’t in the air. If you got a Hunter cornered somewhere and try and swing your attacks just magically never touch him. The best if when a hunter is flying up straight (slowly, not dashing) and your Goliath tries to overhead smash but misses them, every other time. They just magically flow through your gigantic arms.

Even a lot of his abilities bug out consistently too. Rock throw landing mid-air on a Hunter but no damage is done, even the other-side client feels their screen rumble as if they got hit. His leap smash shooting it’s leap across a dome to hit someone that he didn’t land on… or even landing somewhere and nothing happening (Which is pretty common)…

Also… just so you know that is a T3 Leap Smash (3 Points). The radius is more than large enough to hit even the trapper which it didn’t.

1.3 Val OP/Balanced

Quick bump for awareness.


I noticed this too, now I know I wasn’t crazy. I seem to get hung up on a bunch of more terrain, looking like an idiot as I waste traversals. I thought I was just making mistakes but it seems it’s much more than that.


That feeding bug happens a lot. I’ve only air Jordaned a few times.

@MrStrategio ?


I did encounter the “air jordan” glitch last night three separate times. I think it has something to do with trying to traverse and climb at the same time.

I noticed it happened most often if I tried to traverse while climbing a waist high object - I’d start the traversal leap near the end of the climbing animation, and suddenly skyrocket across the map at warp speed. I wasn’t able to trigger it on demand, though. Not sure what exactly makes it happen…


No, it’s pretty (in)consistent. At the start of Aviary, I’d always waste a traversal trying to aim forward and leap when I touch the rocky part of the lake. I kept getting stuck, so I tried aiming higher but it just made the same issue happen again.

It doesn’t matter how you aim your reticle. If your Goliath wants to stub his toe into every rock and tree branch it’s going to happen.


I wish I got it on video, but I did this move during an attack near the edge of the map in Wraith Trap; it knocked myself and the Maggie I was killing outside of the map boundaries over the fence in the North Eastern part of the map. Luckily I could climb back over the fence – the same couldn’t be said for the dead Maggie. :laughing:


Everything said here is so true. Some of these things really need to be fixed. They are here from alpha and still nothing. Those stupid bugs have literally lost me games. Leap smash doing no damage more often then it does, I just stopped using it. Overhead smash never connects… I don’t think I have managed to ever hit someone with it, just like in that video, even when it is obvious that I DID hit!
I really hope they will fix some of those soon now that micro patches are possible, because they can truly destroy all the fun when they happen few times in a game and you just get frustrated because of them, sometimes even losing by no fault of your own. Main problem is that it happens so often. If it would be once in ten games I could live with it… But I don’t think I ever had 2 games in a row without those bugs and more often then not they happen multiple times in a single game.


I get this speed bug quite often. Annoying as hell but you can run so fast from the hunters with it which can be amusing.


I’ve been launched from the relay on Dam to half way down the river before…


Yea I’ve lost many matches because of this was a time were it did this and threw me out of the map


Bump since we’re hitting prime-time in some places right now.


The thing with missing attacks that obviously hit them pisses me off to no end, even killing wildlife. Your freaking giant meathooks swing THROUGH them and they just keep moving along, or bashing on Hunters’ heads when they’re flying and nothing. I’ve seen the physics bug where you get tossed across the map, that one is pretty weird but at least it’s mostly rare (except for Kraken).

Don’t get me started on Kraken; since the patch air bursts sometimes fire you like you’re shot out of a cannon, suddenly they’re at max height on the map then they glitch out then they’re 20m away, he’s practically teleporting. And CC effects like tranq & stasis, which don’t effect his flight speed at all anymore, don’t actually pull him to the ground consistently, and when they do sometimes it’s on a long delay that takes away like 1/3rd of their effectiveness, like it doesn’t register for several seconds. This is from matches against the AI, so it has nothing to do with lag.


I thought maybe it was just me. I haven’t seen anything been pulling him to the ground at all.


I saw it happen when I was leveling up Crow’s stasis gun, but it felt like it was on a delay. It never pulled him down right away, but a few seconds later he’d go down for a second.


I have lost games as well BC of some of these bugs. I’m glad someone posted footage as these bugs are EXTREMELY frustrating to encounter.

Regarding the feeding bug, what I have noticed, is that when wildlife is killed on a slope, ragdoll physics is applied to it so it can move down inclines/declines. When this occurs, it interrupts feeding which may have been initiated before the wildlife corpse started it movement. I’ve noticed this on terrain that has a slight grade/slope. It’s realistic, I agree, but at what cost? IMO, every moment is precious for Monsters so these issues can be very costly.


Don’t forget the Kraken. Sometimes two traversals are used when flying instead of one. When using lighting strike there’s a chance the attack stops and doesn’t deal any damage. There’s probably more issues but they’re the only one I can remember right now.


Here’s my behenoth bug video.

I’ve had the air Jordan’s bug happen with goliath multiple times.


Le bump… even though I rarely play Goliath anymore.


The best is when you killing a Sloth or something huge like that and the Terrain glitch appears. So you kill it, and glitch through the air… but you need to hurry because Hunters are coming. GG…
In some cases its really funny, but overall…

Let’s go competetive :wink: