Forget about OP, this is UP


What a great film this was! :smile:


The OP is UP.


I love that one fat kid’s expression. :joy: Priceless.



The feels in the first 10 mins tho… :’(


It was too sad I didn’t see it coming :cry:


It’s almost as if Don Bleuth decided to help make the movie.


If I say I don’t know who that is would you hate me?

Edit: Searched him up and I have actually seen some of his movies just didn’t know he directed them.


Nah. He did a lot of animated films a while ago and he had a theory “It doesn’t matter what kind of horrible things happen as the story starts, as long as it has a happy ending people are ok with it”

Major early downers in the movie, but later happy ending movies in his belt include:

Land Before Time
An American Tail
Secret of Nimh
Titan AE
The Rescuers
All Dogs go to Heaven


Lol yeah I remember All Dogs Go to Heaven the most. That movie was terrifyingly sad at some points.


The Rescuers? Wasn’t that disney?


Ya it was Disney, but Don Bluth was one of the leads on it.


Ahhh ok! :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure every movie is Disney, and ever Disney movie is another Disney movie reskinned. :stuck_out_tongue:


Next thing you’re going to tell me is that Star Wars and Marvel movies are disney films… what a laugh.


Star Wars is now owned by Disney.

Only a matter of time for Marvel.


Disney does own both btw :stuck_out_tongue: It was a trick question. Silly rose!


Disney owns…Marvel? WHAT?!


And then it had a big lipped alligator. I remember loving the film as a kid though. Land Before Time was one of my favourites. I think An American Tail is probably the biggest downer for me from that list, though, from what little I remember. The environment feels hostile and alienated, like a far from home experience, which really gets to me. Love that feeling of isolation.

Has been that way for a little while. I mean, there’s been Disney Infinity Marvel figures and a crossover episode for Phineas and Ferb.


$4 Billion (With a B) dollars. Just mean Kingdom Hearts 3 will have star wars and comic book worlds :stuck_out_tongue: