Forever a Bronze Master :(


So I’ve been playing evolve for a while now and LOVE the game. I really love the competition and though quick play is fun, I tend to crave good teamwork and seek it out by playing ranked matches.

After some unfortunate placement matches as a hunter I ended up (to my disappointment) in Bronze Master. I’m nearly Silver Skilled as a monster and felt I was at least as good as a hunter. But I figured I’d just move up and call it a day. No.

I feel like most of these low-ranked games get ruined by inexperienced players. Now I’m not saying I don’t deserve to be in this rank but damn. The team play in some of these matches is awful. I mean, players who just wander away on their own, don’t know how to use domes, using only half of their abilities, etc…

Anyway, sometimes I cause the loss in a match but most of the time we get destroyed by a monster because somebody doesn’t know how to play the game. I feel this happens most frequently in low-ranked matches. So, how can you ever move up if you lose 75% of your matches because your teammates don’t know what their doing? Again, I’m not perfect, and I tend to play medic, and sometimes losses are on me. But will I forever be stuck as a Bronze Master thanks to everyone else? I mean, one player can’t quite carry the whole team. But one player can certainly ensure everyone’s demise.


Whenever you meet a good player, add him to your friends list and the next time you want to play hunt, invite them and group up before you search for monsters.

This is a team game, so playing with a team will always be better than playing alone.


I wish I didn’t meet those players in quick play where they’re above me in ranked matches. I guess I’ll just have to keep a better eye out for good players! :slight_smile:

*if I can ever actually get into a match without a 15 minute queue…


Wait, Bronze Master and you’re suffering from long queus as well?

Dang, I thought it was just the higher tiers. Screw ranked.


I should do that more often when I play QuickPlay, Invite people…


There’s a DTR in at least half of the search results, so you have to back out a lot.


Awesome avatar!


Yeah the wait time is bad at night usually


Thanks! Gotta love pokemon (or just Monsters in general, hehe :blush: )


I wonder if TRS should block 2.0 for those under level 30, cuz I swear I get in games with brand new players.

Something similar to a Leagues system. Would make Ranked seem more exciting for new players, and help it suck less for everyone else.


You on PC by the way? Check the me otherwise on my profile and add me on Steam :slightly_smiling:


That’s a good idea. I think 30 is a little high, maybe do like 20-25. But I get put in matches with new people ALL the time. I thinks that’s part of how I ended up in this rank (partly).

But if there’s a level requirement to unlock ranked hunts then you would guarantee better team work and add hype for those leveling up. Give them something to look forward to.

The only problem is that would divide the already small player base even further.


I am on ps4, but thanks for the invite! :slight_smile:


if you lose a match with a determining rank person in your party…you really shouldn’t lose more than a point, if any! that would encourage people to play with DRs more.


Maybe it’s just me but I feel like inexperienced monsters will usually beat inexperienced hunters.


DR doesn’t mean you’re bad, it just means the system doesn’t know yet.

Besides, I don’t like that the Monster would be heavily penalized for losing when the Hunters wouldn’t have to care at all.


Just remember to keep on truckin! You WILL get out of Bronze Master, you just need to keep going!


YEAH! I just gotta believe! :smiley:


Nah but for reals it probably will just take some time haha


This is why I think there should be a rank reset after a major update, such as TU 9.0 or every 6 months.

If you’re on ps4 you can join up with my squad, but if not I would recommend trying to find a team or group of friends to play with. I remember teaching my friends how to get good and it resulted in me being demoted to bronze.(I believe in learning on the job after a certain amount of quick play) After they got a good understanding of the game we started winning non-stop and made it back up to silver ranks. I find it best to find a certain chemistry with people and stick with them.