Foreign Languages


When you go into your settings and set your language (whatever your language is)

And as we do have many other languages spoken here maybe there could be an option to translate it?

I think it’d be a great idea, and I hope I don’t offend anyone here


I’m not really sure what you’re suggesting? What is it you want translated?


I think he is talking about this.

Lets say I am from USA and I love Putin and Mother Russia ( you know poster of half naked Putin on horse in water above my bed, Kalashnikov in my closet, vodka pouring from wash-basin instead of water and stuff like that )

So I really want to play Evolve in Russian language, but I dont understand Russian.

So I want to have English substitles so I know that when Abe is screaming “Cyka Blyat” on monster, he means something harsh


ahh… That could be it. You get a like because I chuckled.


I thought he was going on about an In-Forum translator or something…

But that would be interesting to play the game as such…

I’d love to learn German and using English Subtitles might work…

It’s how I learned to read English properly was playing a game with the Subtitles on and it just naturally happened for me. Gotta be careful though… don’t want to be like Dexter after a long night and only ever say “Ob Ley Do Framage!” whatever that means.


Omlette du frommage.

It means cheese omlette.



And now I’m hungry as I lie here in bed waiting for sleep…

You’re a jerk.


Major Warrior is right

It’s an In-Forum language changer, sorry for the confusion.

I got the idea from seeing a post called “Map Ideas Thread” and it was written all in a different language. I want to do it but I don’t know how to read it


“Translated by Bing”

You mean something like that?





Hmm, I’m bad at coding and stuff but I guess it could be easily implemented?
@sam not sure what your thoughts are on this, any way we could get something similar to bing translation on the site?


Well I’m learning coding :slight_smile:

Should be easy if he’ll use Bing to put in here or hard if he writes a new one


Well actually …

But would need to be sanctioned by turtlerock, may lead to some strange pathologies in the forum (try having 10 people speaking 10 languages in a room) and will require turtlerock pay some extra cash to Microsoft to unlimit the amount of translations allowed.



Well then