Forcing tutorial every time user open the games until a certain level


So yeah ,this is a garbage thread, with a suggestion.

Force the tutorials for each player , every time they open the game (:slight_smile: ) until a certain level is reached. Seriously what is happening with the matchmaking? And you are removing the ranked side? So this game is for babies now who cant coordinate or at least read. The game even now talks to you about the abilities of your character while in the dropship. Terrible weekend it was so terrible that I won every monster match, but almost lost every hunter game.

If ranked is going away, at least add some upper level game mode so that people still feels the game is at least a LITTLE (a tiny) competitive. Is not about fun, the game is not fun by default. The challenge and the teamwork is what makes it exciting.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I think the game stops telling you about your abilitys after your character hits level 7.

Also, the ranked works about the same except more like legacy evolve with the seperate hunter/monster lobby but without the leaderboard.

My hope is that the leaderboard is reintroduced once the devs work out that new skill ranking system that they will be replacing gliko scoring with.