Forcing Monster Fights in Hunt


So there seems to be a lot of discussion, especially from PC players who could only play Hunt, about the Monster’s ability to simply avoid the hunters until stage 3. Certainly there have been a lot of counter points about the skill level of hunters and such, but while reading one of these threads an idea popped into my head.

What if, in order to Evolve, the monster had to fight the hunters and gain that experience from battle? A system whereby, say, 2 Evolve bars are separate and can only be filled through combat. A bar fills up for every X amount of seconds spent fighting hunters, something like that. This would be for Hunt mode only.

This is kind of a late-night-off-the-top-of-my-head idea and I haven’t really thought of the pros and cons, but I wanted to post it before going to sleep to see what people thought. Too restrictive? Too risky? As a gut reaction I feel it eliminates most stealth-play tactics and could cause many more early Monster losses.

Anyway, maybe the idea could be modified to not penalize the Monster so much while still providing a more exciting experience for the hunters. Thoughts?


My main problem with this is that the monster is a super easy kill at level 1 most of the time. It would make the monster harder to play which would cause some problems (at least at first) maybe if it were like that for stage 2, but not at stage 1. If he HAD to fight the hunters it would be easy for them to trap him. Any good team would see that as an easy kill opportunity.


While an interesting concept, it seems like a defeatist approach. If the monster can evolve and is away from the hunters, it seems anti-progressive to then give up that advantage in order to attack the hunters. This way, the trapper’s point would be moot in this engagement, because the monster is forcing the engagement, not the hunters.

I think that, at least for hunt mode, it is the hunter’s job to force all (or at least most) fights except for the last one, which the monster has to engage in. Not a bad idea, but it seems like this would completely destroy any stealth-type approach for monsters.


If they were to implement this I would have to ask for a reversion of the meat nerf for most wildlife so you can actually build up the armor necessary to do battle several times before Evolving (specially at stage 1).


Definitely can see the case for that. I’ve had a lot of successful Stage 1 engagements but I certainly don’t think it is the same case for every player. Perhaps Stage 1 health and/or armor and/or damage values could increase some for the Monster to give it a little better chance here since engagements are eventually forced.

Just playing Devil’s Advocate though, I’m not convinced that this is the best idea for making Hunt more exciting for Hunter players.


Very good points, I figured there would be counters and holes in the idea. Just trying to think of something that would assuage the disappointment many have with runner-monsters in Hunt mode. Something that is a bit more built-in than the normal reply of “l2p.”


It’s always good to give them more ideas though, just to see if they take small parts of it and throw it into the game, at least as a test.


Frankly placing some responsibility on the monster to engage and fight (you know …the fun stuff) is something I support. Hell even the devs say that monsters that run away the whole match don’t do well once they get to higher level. This would simply teach monsters to play better. However I would not force the monster to do so in order to stage up. Instead give bonuses for engaging (or penalties for not, depending on how you want to look at it).

What if the evolve bar passively fills while in combat. Incaping hunters gives evolve bars just as it does now. To counter this, wildlife now gives less evolve bars. Everything that gives 2 evolve bars, now gives one. Wildlife that give 3 evolve bars give 2. Wildlife like dune beetles give 3. Only the biggest and baddest give 4 meats (tyrant, sloth, megamouth). So monsters that avoid combat evolve slower. Monsters that risk fights evolve faster. Put some of that onus to fight on the monster.


well there is a system in place to where if you down a hunter you do get quite a few evolve points, but the real question is is it worth the risk


I like it, sounds quite a bit better than my initial, more restrictive idea.

Thanks for putting some thought into this and giving feedback!