Forced to play monster


I do not like to play monster, I hate to play monster and in training I can’t even beat the bots with monster.
Monster is my las preference.

And still I have to play monster half the time, even if another player has it as its preference.

Usually I tried to switch with another player in hunt mode.
But after last patch I cant switch, better yet, I cant selec a monster and always get OG Goliath with random perks.
Is this a bug or is it me?

Please make a otption to never play 1 role of your choice or at least let me switch if some one wants to switch with me.


This will change next update

  1. You can play hunt beta queue, and select to only play Hunter
  2. In the arcade queue you won’t be forced to be monster just because you are matches in with a pre made 4 man team even though one of them wants to play monster


Hunt beta queue? And where do I find that?


It is part of the changes coming this Tuesday or Wednesday! Look out for the changes to matchmaking queues then :slight_smile:


OK, thanks guys


This is probably happening because other people already have parties and the game makes parties stay together.


Its a bug. Will be fixed in next weeks update.

The bug is being trapped on the monster select screen with no way to back out and no way to select a monster.


That’s rough man. I recommend taking all feeding perks as the monster in bots and just practice running far and eating fast. You’ll get better with practice.