Forced into game, once only let me spectate the game (video)


Hi there!

So far I really enjoy the game and love it.

My experience on multiplayer is weird. Most of the time playing I get forced into a running match. However yesterday I got matched into a game and couldn’t do anything but spectate. No hud at all. At the end I’ve seen the monsters progression endgame screen really wierd. Xbox One.

See the video here.

Apart from that, I’ve beein playing mostly solo mode with the monster. Once I want to play monster in multiplayer my experience is this:

  1. Search for playing the monster
  2. Get squeezed into a running game as Markov.
  3. Game finished, the game restarts and I can play the monster.
  4. After some time evolving to level 2 or 3 I get thrown out the game.
  5. Back to 1. Repeat.