(for Trapper)Proper way to lock up Monster - tip (youtube)


sorry for my bad english!!! i don’t know english well ;(

The hunting stage of the game simply isn't fun for me anymore

Pretty good visual explanation of how to try and pre-empt the Monsters movements.

You could see monster panicking in it’s movements trying to shake the tail at 1:50 or so onwards where it’s being pressured from behind and from the pre-empt team.

One caution though. Risk of getting isolated as the trapper cutting off alone. A decent monster will/can pick you off solo. even if you have dome up it’ll drop after concerted effort by Monster while team catches up. Try to move in 2’s where possible.


yeah i agree xD sometimes with that strategy, i got sneak attack from monsters and immobilized before rest of teams arrives ;(


there’s also the risk of a good monster using smell/sneak to take advantage and double back losing the hunters

but as a rule of thumb I use this tactic and sometimes just follow the monster if im alone not shooting just marking it so the monster slows down thinking its got away until my team mates can catch up then dome it


@Kaidra me too xD i never go alone when monster is Wriath. Wraith’s Abduction is kinda inaccurate for this tactic


nice call wraith can be deadly and quite scary when she’s not abusing decoy
I remember 1 game when I was wraith once I got to stage 2 with a bit of armour I stopped running and started making ambushes tripping birds next to big predators just quick hit and runs to any stray hunters

I’m curious how behemoth will be to track with it being slower and its rolling has to leave tracks


Great video!! I think most hunters are currently not doing this, and that is why we see so many complaints about people being unable to catch the monster or ever fight before Stage 3. This is the single most important thing beginner hunters need to learn and incorporate into their arsenal.

I think this is such an important thing for new players to learn that it should be stickied.


Excellent video!

Allow me to share with you a name for this team construction: M.A.S.T. (Medic & Assault + Support & Trapper)

This is a basic strategy formation that all hunters need to become familiar with.

That’s coming from a Monster player because … I want to be hunted, not chased.


Heh, MAST acronym is really starting to stick…


@AdziH Do you know where it started?


This Forum i believe back in the Alpha. Wish I could credit the person but cant remember the thread.


Aye, I just started posting around here about a week ago, though I did play the Big Alpha a few months back. I want to say the first mention I saw was @GentlemanSquirl, but I’m not certain. Even still, I hope there’s a way to get some awareness out there on this tactic so the new players aren’t all like, “Whoa! What? Pfft. Bullshit. This sucks.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


it’s a natural progression of the META to make hunting more efficient.

We were just starting to see the counter META from the monster where they were becoming more aggressive and doing hit and run gorilla tactics as a counter to the two man and/or double/triple bluffing with backtracking.


Ya, this is a good example of shadowing the monsters movements while in the inner ring of the map. One thing I would say is having your Medic/assault follow the monster more directly, so you can get info on if he starts sneaking or backtracks on you.

Awesome video though :smile:


[quote=“GentlemanSquirl, post:14, topic:29481”]Awesome video though :smile:

Get it stickied! This is a textbook hunter tactic that 90% of players don’t seem to know/understand yet.


thank you :smile:


Good video. Will show it to my friend, they wasn’t too good at predicting monster movement :wink:


This is why I take increased smell range. Lets me understand how to rotate on the maps by knowing the trappers position from long distances.


Great video! We need the mods to send all the people complianing about the momsters being too fast to catch over here haha


@macman Would it be possible to get a match history sort of thing where you can view recent games dot maps/heat maps? In the few seconds you get to view it in the post game screen, the match might only be played out once or twice. As seen here, that sort of thing would provide really useful information for analyzing movements and tactics.