For those with Color Blindness, a cure


Within two years even


Sounds fun, a shot in the eye. If I was colourblind, I would kindly decline…


I would do it in a heartbeat. I had my eye taped a speced open, numbed till it cant move, sliced open, lazered enough that I can smell the burning flesh, and glued shut.

Just so I wouldnt have to wear glasses for a few years.


Yeah… Um, enjoy that then. ^.-


I did actually. I thought it was fascinating. They gave me a stuffed monkey to hold during the procedure incase I got scared and tried to move while they were cutting my eye.


I would stick with glasses…

I don’t trust humans like you do I suppose…


Yeah, me neither. I don’t even go to barbers because there is no bloody way I’m letting some clown near my head with sharp things. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I understand that color blindness is a major handicap, and I can understand going through such things to rid yourself of it, so best wishes to any who pursue that treatment.


Shit. I go to the barbers all the time. Am I gonna be dead soon?


Nah. I’m just paranoid. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s contagious. :laughing:


I’m protanope color blind so I hope the cure will works :smiley:


That’s cool. Never thought they would go and do that with a singular shot though. Expected several.