For those who love Ramen


Wondering who else loves the delicious food known as Ramen. ^.^


Oh my god you actually did it. >.< I feel loved.


Of course I did.


Yes. Naturally. You are Shin, after all.

And since this is your thread, I assume you wouldn’t mind it being derailed?


Nope, derailing is a natural occurrence.


Then we may begin in earnest.

Exercise caution, new people. This is pretty much Shin + Me = Madness. >.>


Ironically there is a really good ramen restaurant by me named Ren’s Ramen.


Hey I helped.


What’s Ramen?


Nooo! Why Bot?!


Kill him.  


Me Or Ramen?


You. I love ramen.


It’s not exactly well known in the US. Maybe it isn’t in Europe either?


I’ve never had it either



Why though? O.o


No ramen shop near my house, and i cant be bothered going to a store in the city and paying money for it


Anime, guys. Watch it. Love it. Learn about ramen and all things Japanese.


Like naruto?


If it’s not some meat or cake I don’t think my country would ever want to know about it.


Do they eat ramen in Attack on Titan?