For those who love rabbits

People wanted to post rabbit pictures to mess with her. ^.-

No, this thread needs to be ready. Anyone who fears the hideous rabbit can come here and face his/her fears and fight them.

I faced every fear I know of years ago.

Me too, it’s heights and ladders for me. And spiders - I crush them.

My mother used to scream when she saw a mouse. She freaked out one day and called me for help. Like really desperate. I knew it was a mouse so I didn’t rush. When me and the dog arrived, she had already slain the little beast. I think she used a dustpan.

I felt sorry for the dog. She was so confused about all the fuss and what it was about.

Eh, people post pictures of cats all over the internet and I know rabbits are a lot of people’s favorite.

Acrophobia, Arachnophobia for me as well.

Hah, rabbit peasants!
Guinea Pig monster race!

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I live in Germany, those are pets here. Then we had a visitor from South America, Peru? Venezuela? Can’t remember.
She was a teenage girl and our kids were like 10 or eleven. So they started talking about pets and she told them how she loved Guinea Pigs for eating. I’ll never forget the expression on the boys’ faces, lol.

Hooray for bunnies! I can see now why one would have bunnyphobia, these creatures are horrifying!

Also, no one must forget the less conventional rabbits:


Cant see your second pic :confused:

hmm well it was two baby rabbits smooching eachother, more like nose to nose


God, MidnightMonash would have a heart attack lol. So many bunnies

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She will never see the post, she’s safe. I wouldn’t dare post that video where she would find it.^.^


Aww, those ones are really cute. That last one reminds me of how my GF was saying that she caught her rabbit pulling Kleenexes out of the box and tearing them up lol

New Hex card.


I looked that up because I couldn’t quite believe it.

Then there’s this:,_Grand_Concubunny.png/250px-Uzume,_Grand_Concubunny.png?version=f881549b9f78bfe8512e572e3b84c356

Why? :expressionless:

Isn’t this the game that has the lawsuit problem with WotC?

You’re welcome.


I like this bunny personally.