For those who love rabbits


Continuing the discussion from Rabbits- Please help:

So, with this thread about hatred of rabbits, I’m starting one to show love for the furry little guys.

Post away pictures of cute rabbits, hares, bunnies, wabbits or whatever you want to call them and discuss everything about them here.
Lots of cute rabbit pics here. *be warned, these are grumpy bunnies

Rabbits Are EVIL
Rabbits Are EVIL
Rabbits Are EVIL

As per request







seriously though, how could one think this is evil…


Edit by @Takran : revenge is sweeter than carrots


Because bunnies with hats are best bunnies


Oh but @Takran, that post was referring to that thread. This thread has been posted specifically for the posting of bunny pictures.


I feel bad for a certain forum member.


Why? Its not like they are going to enter this thread anyway. Besides, if they didn’t want to be reminded of rabbits they shouldn’t have made a thread specifically about hating them.


@MidnightMonash The perfect thread for you.


I made certain to make sure the title is obvious enough so that she won’t join the thread.


She’s getting annoyed by people tagging her name though.


I’ll be damned. This really was a real thing. Huh. And yeah, if Midnight wants to avoid the thread, leave her out of it. Messing with phobias is NOT cool. I can empathize with her on that one.


It depends on the person, some people can handle being messed with, others can’t.


So many rabbids!


Care to share recipes? Rabbit in Apple Sauce?



Oh please don’t rabbit on.


Yeah, this thread wasn’t made to mess with her, it just seemed like a lot of people wanted to post rabbit pictures so I made this thread