For those fearing the Armor Reducer


Each box with a number is a damage step. A damage step is the amount of damage done by the hunters to the monsters in an arbitrary length of time.

The “Kala” table assumes the cooldown on the Armor Reducer is as long as its use time. In the actual game, I don’t think this will even be the case. The cooldown will most likely be longer.

This shows, damage step by damage step, that Kala doesn’t do jack for mid to high level players.

In the first “Kala” chart, the hunters do a damage step to health, then, while on cooldown, do a damage step to the armor. This goes on until armor runs out.

In the “No Kala” chart, hunters first work through the armor, and then are able to damage the health.

This chart also assumes the monster has half as much armor as health(most stage 3’s have around that much).

The silver box is the average damage done in a Stage One dome. For example, in a common silver/gold game, a good dome placement results in about 2 bars lost versus a Goliath. Without Kala, this would be the seventh damage step(result=~2 bars of health lost). With Kala, it’s still the seventh damage step(result= ~2.5 bars of health lost).

In lower tier games, hunters might not be able to get 7 steps in, but maybe only 4. In this case, Kala does provide some extra guaranteed health damage.

In conclusion, the Armor Reducer is more of a safety net, and won’t really affect high level play that much, only help low levels.

Ask me anything if you’re confused

P.S. I know this assumes quite a bit, but I think a lot is counteracted by the fact that the CD will probably be longer than it’s capacity time.

Hunters put out too much damage

Ummm… what?


I think she will mainly be a character you have to consciously be thinking about during the battle; like Lazarus. You have to know that your armor is not impenetrable, they will get health damage against you. But once her beam is on cool down the armor is back up, like a fresh fight.

I think it will make for more rewarding fights, for both sides. Hunter’s are guaranteed health damage while the Monster is guaranteed that their armor lasts longer to get necessary strikes.


maybe if you got online I could tell you…

could you explain more what you don’t understand


Baisically, if you are fleeing till 3, you’ll take garunteed health damage. really only really good at s1-2 to get really heavy damage in. once the armor is gone, it will be useless. kinda like crow’s charge shot, except that’s just a quirk and interesting mechaninc that doesn’t stop the use of the rifle.

once the armor is gone though, it becomes a virtually empty slot in your equipment wheel.

baisically EMET and the respawn beacon. again.


S1 blitz team: RV, Kala, Crow, Parnell/Torvald

She will be great for getting early damage when the monster mitigates.


I really think we should wait until she’s out and we have numbers before we go this detailed.


People are already fearing it. I’m trying to quell it :smile:


Perhaps you should make a bigger effort on being widely coherent. I’m trying to figure out what exactly you are trying to say and it is difficult. I am not a monster who fears Kala, but if you wish to quell fear, you should explain in such a way that people can understand what you are trying to say.

Heres my guess:

The non kala chart represents the order in which damage is dealt to the monsters. I.E time segments 1 2 3 and 4 are all spent trying to remove armor from da monster. Whereas the Kala chart is trying depict a mix of the ordering, the first pierces armor, the second doesn’t, the third does, the fourth and 5th for some reason do not, ETC.

Honestly, I don’t think you understand enough of what you are talking about to argue against the fear.


This is what I mean. It should be correct if the CD to Capacity ratio is 1:1


First she uses the beam, the damage step is spent piercing armor.
Then the beam is on cool down, the damage step is spent shredding armor.


When y’all say damage step I tend to thin-



Not really. That would be the case if you assumed that you spent every second of combat in an efficient manner, I.E you were ALWAYS performing your role, I.E. dealing damage as the assault, using the beam as the support. But the characters don’t always have line of sight on the monster and it may be the case that the support has to keep hidden and not be using the beam because her life is in danger. And it may be the case that other roles get in the way, like it might become more important for the support to set up some teleporters rather than use the beam, or she stays on her primary weapon because the assault isn’t in position to take advantage of the armor piercing.

Ya. I thought that’s the logic you were going with, but then I saw the Kala chart had steps 4 and 5 next to each other as opposed to one being on the armor bar and one being on the health bar.



that’s why I said it assumed a lot. This is really the worst case scenario for monsters, and it isn’t half bad.


And that’s why I didn’t think you understood enough. This chart is kinda meaningless since it wont necessarily represent any game that you play against a Kala. It could be the case that Kala is able to send every point of damage you deal straight to health even with a 1 to 1 duration to cooldown ratio, or it could be the case that mitigation tactics prevent the hunters from making use of the beam to deal health damage. It also fails to account for the damage lost by having the support do literally no damage.


Well thank you @chrono for making this

I still believe it should be called the “Armor Demolisher” but of course only temporarily.


Right, until the next dome and she drops your armor again, revealing your already lowered health.


I’d run Lennox and Val, but that’s just me.


But once the charge on her glove is drained, you’re right back to full armor that the team hasn’t scratched. It’s like a much larger scale than Crows gun; be can take charged shots for health, but then he’s not helping the team get through the armor.

Kala has a burst of letting the team get straight health damage, but doing so means that the Monsters armor isn’t scratched once the glove wears off, giving him more time to go for strikes. Yes, Heath damage is guaranteed, but we don’t know how much yet. Assuming it’s only a few bars you’ll lose a few health bars but then have full armor again to get strikes. She has no shields for the team, so you can go for strikes.

I feel like she demands more focus than other offensive Supports, which I like, because focusing her means she can’t use her glove. But even if the team uses her beam to get two bars of health off you (though we don’t even know how much health damage it allows), you’ll then have full armor again and plenty of time to get Kala down.


One thing is for certain though.

A random joe pub teammate picking Kala is the equivalent of having no Support at all. I doubt she’s very noob-friendly.