For the sake of naming and shaming


Pretty self-explanatory screenshots about abusing the game/leaderboards. If the game is supposed to have a potential e-sports future (which I definitely want to participate in) it needs some ranking system as was stated many times yet the current leaderboards are all we have right now and might as well make the most of it.

Here is just another guy that dcs when he is about to lose and he is actually 1. on goliath lists right now. Having held the 1. spot on goliath for 2 days I was watching the leaderboards closely (pure vanity I know, still like I said closest thing we have to a ranking system) it was obvious that something fishy was definitely going on with that like the way some guys (like this guy) played close to 75 games on top of their 50ish games in a day with their prioritized role which feels rigged yet it still is in the realm of possibilities at least. This behavior on the other hand should merit a ban from the leaderboards if a fix can’t arrive soon (with a reset hopefully). Until then, we might as well name and shame the people with such behavior hopefully leading to their untimely yet deserved bans.