For the love of all things gaming, balance the freakin' game!


Ok I just can’t take it anymore between the new way overpowered hunters, an underpowered monster, another monster that was overnerfed, two game modes that still aren’t balanced and favor the Hunters, Nest and Defend.
Why anyone even bothers to play monster anymore is beyond me. When are you planning on doing something about all of this? I’ve owned the game since launch and own all the content and I’ve just about had enough of this. Will definitely be thinking twice before ever giving this company any more money.


They have only been out a day bruh they have to get telemetry… Not to mention that there are hundreds of thousands of people playing the game now compared to the at most 70 people that were testing the stuff internally. More people playing it means more things are found out faster. They will buff and nerf what needs nerfed and buffed once they get good data. Takes time sadly…


We’re about to see the people who are just going to hate. I do side with you though, there’s some things that aren’t balanced and it’s annoying.


yeah since the new hunters are out i too stopped playing monster its way too stressfull and almost every hunter game we do is a complete buttwipe

the sad part is winning without difficulty gets booring really fast :confused:


I don’t even know where to begin, or have the time to breakdown the analysis. It’s just horrible.

Let’s just start with Sunny - Shield drone can be spammed over and over again, no cooldown, and it can withstand multiple hits from a stage 2 Monster, possibly even a Stage 3 I haven’t tried every attack on it… Grenade launcher - does at least the same amount of damage as Cabot’s railgun pre-nerf and it’s much easier to hit with.

The two game modes that favors Hunter have been exactly the same since the game came out. Hunters get strikes taken away from them every time they go to the drop ship, hardly anything to feed on to armor up. All the Hunters have to to do is keep rushing the monster and dome it over and over again chipping it’s health away. Nest well we all know that’s the map of choice for every Hunter team in the history of Evolve.


Note that it takes time to power up when thrown out and shields about the same amount as Hank, though targets the most recently hit Hunter in LoS (Ie, it can be baited to shield the wrong person, though in practice that gives Medic time to do their thing).

Doesn’t benefit from Weakspots/Headshots and ultimately has a pretty horrid fire rate, as well as having MUCH shorter range, has travel time and can’t fire through walls. Also makes a pretty bad poking weapon when you get those “Support is last man up, Monster on Relay” moments.

I think the damage is fine where it is at with those drawbacks in mind. Puts Support squarely ahead of the other two Non-Assaults in many cases (Maybe except Slim), but can’t encroach any Assault that isn’t failing to… er… assault :smiley:

Yeah Defend is pretty rpugh for Monster. But since Non-Hunt modes are literally unbalanced and not kept to the same standard as the “Real” mode, I doubt they’ll receive any attention soon.

Though for Nest, yall need to more than one strat cause the Monster keeps doing the same thing over and over and over, and it isn’t working. If I didn’t know any better I’d think yall were AI. Not saying it isn’t stacked against ya in any case, but how many folks are going to keep trying “Stage to 2, Armor Up, Hatch Minion and Go” before you realize that folks are splitting up and that’s why you have two eggs left by the time you hit Stage 2? :confused:


Because we are monster players and still kick ass 24/7


I can’t believe how wrong you are on Sunny and trying to justify her OP’ness. I can do the same amount of damage with reload perk, with her mini-nuke that I can do with an assault class. Her shield drone does not take time to fire up at all, it has no cooldown and you can spam it over and over again…AND it has higher HP than Bucket’s sentry guns.

Nest has never been considered to favor Monster a good Hunter team can destroy all 6 eggs in a few minutes.
There are 2 game types that favor Hunter while the others are somewhat even.


The only way to implement these changes in such a rapid fashion as you desire is prayer.

Oh, wait, that won’t work at all, so I guess we have to apply patience and allow the humans who deal with these things to deal with these things.


All things are in God’s hands- wait what’s that? This game was made by humans? Give me my money back! -.-


I was stating that her weapon’s drawbacks more than make her damage output acceptable, because she WON’T nail you through walls, lands headshot/weakspot damage, hit every time, and hit instantly (That last one being the kicker). Great you had a match or two where Assault couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. If it continues that way, you may want to think about having someone else be Assault :wink:

Drone starts at 0% capacity. You know how much damage a 3% charged Drone will mitigate? Zilch. Don’t believe me? Slap one out and watch the little bar fill up while your Trapper tries to kite after the dome is thrown. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what if it has more HP? There’s only one. That’s right. ONE target to completely nullify the Support’s deployable for a good amount of time, instead of 5 spread ones! Even so, it goes down almost instantly still. Get a Kraken, and the guy will snipe it off faster than you can put it back and have it charge it enough to do anything. Get a Goliath, it may find itself the fancy of a wayward Leap Smash+Heavy Melee. It isn’t hard to take out. That’s why good placement is key. And maybe a little luck that the Monster just doesn’t care enough to do anything about it!

Aye, I never said it would ever be in your favor, merely that the “Generic” strat is expected by players. What isn’t expected is a follow-up to Bucket; that is, find where he’s going, let him lay his turrets, let him run off, then destroy them all then catch up to Bucket and wreck him. Egg heals up, Bucket goes down, hatch a minion and 2v3 that thing up. All at Stage 1. (Credit to @Maddcow, this works so well it’s almost scary!) Or many other abnormal strats. All of them are crap shoots, as with anything in the game, really, but hey, the Hunters are doing the exact same thing almost every time. Time to punish them for it! >:)


Thanks for the callout. This game is 60-80% mental acuity and reading your opponents. If you know what your opponents are going to do it is very easy to counter, especially when you aren’t under pressure. The Bucket going off by himself is a ‘gimmick’ that only works on timid monsters and/or new monsters. I feel it’s not particularly great, especially when more and more people learn how to counter it :slight_smile:


No one is playing monsters anymore, last 10 games i’ve played were all against bot monsters


Not true. I’ve been getting nothing but humans for the monster.


Sunny’s shield drone takes 2 seconds to charge up, thats nothing and if you place it in a bad spot you can. Just replace it in another one because there’s no cooldown, o but wait you have To wait another 2 seconds for it to charge what a drawback…


I love how everyone expects perfection instantly.

So what the new tier isn’t exactly balanced? You think TRS is gonna leave it that way? They have LITERALLY been out for about 2 days.

So stop whining please, and wait for things to happen.


It’s not fully charged in 2 secs lol.


Bruh I’m still rekin hunters day like it’s November fam


You must be playing against bad Hunters then. Explain to me why hardly anyone wants to play monster anymore since the Hunters came out.

and I’m still laughing hard that anyone thinks that Sunny isn’t op…probably Torvald as well. Mini-nuke makes pre-Nerf Cabot railgun look like a toy gun. Shield drone is a neat idea, too powerful though in my opinion.

Sunny is like my favorite Hunter…I’ve played her a lot already. I’m not saying it’s not a good addition to the game, just too strong. Mini-nuke needs longer reload and shield drone probably needs some sort of a cooldown besides the few seconds it takes to wind up.


I see monsters all the time so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.