For the 100th time remove 180° melee attacks via contextual melee


It is utter shit to finish support because there is random shit behind you and he is stealthed in front of you your monster decides that you best hit BEHIND you. I want to be in charge of my melee attack direction at least thank you very much.


100% agree with this. Lost a lot of matches because my monster decides that even though there’s a support or medic with 3% health in front of me, even though I’m targeting them, I actually want to attack the fucking obsidian grub or some other creature that’s walking behind me.

The most annoying feature(bug) this game has.


Is this actually a thing? This never happens to me.


You must be lucky as hell then, or no one stands behind you when you’re fighting. It’s absolutely annoying and game breaking.


This is a thing, devs are aware of it since at least january. Nothing has changed, nothing got adressed so far. Sadly, this will most likely stay as it is.


Maybe XBox just doesn’t have that feature? What system are you guys on?


PC and I can’t imagine it being different anywhere. It is simply the way meleeattack work.


Isnt it some sort of aim assist that you can shut off? Idk, i might be thinking of something else. Nothing quite like attacking assault when you were about to kill Laz.
Ahhhh, memories



10 chars


I have never had this to be a significant probrably. It probably is just you guys really


Definitely annoying. Not gamebreaking, but annoying.


They also need to implement the fix to aiming beam weapons, they love to latch on to the wrong target.


I cant understand who thought that it’s a good idea to not bind direction of attack with camera angle. You turn camera 180 and press attack=> monster do 180. But no, let’s have this gamebreaking feature. And, yes, it’s gamebraking A LOT, because it usually completely turns the tide of battle.


I think its a PC thing, you Xboners get all the luck


we do, dont we. Hmmm smell that new free dlc maps hmmmm, oh wait you cant! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


So much hate >_>
Oh well, at least ill be enjoying it at 60 fps ooooooo


I’d say this is gamebreaking, that 180’’ turn is enough time to make the support get away. It’s freaking annoying.


I can assure you that it happens on xbone too. Hank cloaks 3 ft in front of me with like 2% health and I apparently Goliath thinks that the canyon strider that’s running out of melee range is what I’m going for. :disappointed:

Agreeing with @Cheese_Helmet, not game breaking, but annoying…


Xbox 1 has 60 FPS if I remember correctly


For me it happens regardless of whether the target is cloaked. I can be attacking assault and the same thing will happen if there’s any target right behind me.