[For Space Lovers] Space Engine


I’m not sure how many of you know of this “game” but this is absolutely mind-blowing and it’s impossible to comprehend space and the sheer size of it.

I’m truly not sure how accurate it is as a whole but it definitely has some truths in it and many facts which lead me to believe it is all truth.

The game lets you fly through space at giga lightyear speeds and visit literally any tiny dot you see which is a galaxy which then has billions and billions more dots that are all suns or stars that each have their own planets and their own moons/asteroids. Clusters, Nebulas, Galaxies, Comets, etcetera. Literally all of it is included.

Quite literally the most mind blowing part to me is that despite the fact that you can go to a single pixel sized dot and have it be a planet larger than our Earth is that you can then land on that gigantic beauty and walk around on it like it’s no big deal. You’re only exploring a planet that may or may not actually exist four times the size of our Earth orbiting a Sun fifty times the size of ours with a ring and multiple moons but you know. No big deal. All with zero loading, seamless transition from space to galaxy to solar system to planet surface.

I have found immense entertainment in this program in the last few hours, and…

#It. Is. Free.

I implore you to go download it on your PC and try it for yourself.

Also, I totally encourage anyone that downloads this to take screenshots and share them here. I feel they’d make fantastic wallpapers for anyone who loves space.

######Now… start the search for Shear…


I’m on it. o7

Other than exploring, what else can you do? Can you say, add black holes, make supernovas, add your own objects, or terraform a planet?

Or is the game still being worked out?


I literally have no idea. To my knowledge as of right now? No.

Then again I have literally only been flying around at gly per second exploring literally everything I was the slightest bit interested in.

Also, I believe this game is made by a single person. My knowledge of the game is to the extent of this Reddit post linking an Imgur Album:


I feel this is somehow relevant.

Also, Mark is the only person on the internet I know of that like space as much as I do.


Anything space related is welcome here (I also rather enjoy this song. Someone make sure that Mark gets his hand on this engine).


Holy mother of dedication. O.o


Then how about the mission currently in planning to populate Mars in 2020? I fully plan on signing up for that.


@TrickshotMcgee Um, excuse me but yes.


BRB downloading.


Controls and UI is a tad tricky if I’m honest. I know how to move and speed up/slow down… that’s about it :laughing:


It’s nearly a gigabyte with the patch included. Gonna take a thousand years with my internet. Worth it.


One hour later

So how’d it go?


Still going.


Download kind of quit. My internet just wasn’t gonna have it. Have to wait until like 2 a.m. to do it because my ISP is a bunch of jackasses and decide it’s funny to give us better connection then.


you missed me posting a few days ago a ton of pictures of the eagle nebula.

Pillars of creation make me inspired.