For new players, please


Please cycle your kit all the time. Don’t just go damage, thats how you lose.


do 360 no scope vals still exist?


Note: This doesn’t mean you should have your class abilities on cooldown. I’ve seen too many assaults popping their matrix without any reason


Your guns and equipment reload when your not using them, so for the most part if you need to reload your better off just switching to something else and letting it reload in the background.


This is especially true for most supports. You really shouldn’t be doing damage unless there is literally nobody taking damage/in need of help. There’s a reason it is called “support” !


Oh, those were the worst.

360 No Scope Val’s, Anti-Lazarus Device Lazarus’, and Secondary Only Assault’s were literal torture upon launch.


This is why we need better tutorials and hints. There is no way to know this unless you played before or were told


I’m a big fan of Abe’s that like to get up close to the monsters face because ‘Shotgun’, and then forget their little glowy balls are very helpful and have a very good range.

Oh! And bonus points for watching the monster leave the dome without a tracking dart in them.


Secondary only assaults piss me the f*ck off. running for your life just to see an assault sitting back doing crap damage.


Yes and no.

Some of the worst hunters are the trappers and supports who expect the assault to do 100% of the damage.

EDIT: Or the ones that switch too much so everything they do is half assed.