For level 40 players, don't add us to games in progress


By the time players gets to level 30 or so, we already know what characters and perks we want to play and with. We also have too much experience to benefit from playing just any random character.

Putting us in games in progress is a waste of our time, and makes us unavailable for lobbies that are searching for players.


It’s in place, so when someone leaves; the other players can still have someone take that players place. No one likes bots on their team.


Nobody likes joining games in progress either, especially when most of the time it’s a role you don’t want and probably in an unrecoverable game.

The whole lobby dumping system was poorly made.


I play the game as well, don’t think I’m annoyed by such things? I simply explained why it’s in place.


I prefer keeping the current system. Gets you in a game faster and gives the other people a more complete game. Also, if your problem is joining as a class/character you don’t like… Just complete the game. Then your preferences will be taken into account.


This. And after that one JIP match you will get your first pref.