For Honor is free through the Epic client from Aug. 2 to 9

Title says it all. Starting tomorrow, you can pick up the standard edition–not the starter version, which makes you pay more steel for new heroes–for free through the EGS. I don’t know if you can claim it on Steam afterwards, but if that is possible, let me know cuz I wanna try to sucker some of my friends into trying it.


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What time does the store update at?

10:00am EST

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@SirKeksalot Did you play it? How good do you say the game still is right now for players with just the standard version?

I’ve been around since the brief open beta, and it has transformed so goddamn much. Balance is better, characters are generally more fun, the game just got important changes to backwalking and rolling–even the graphics have improved. So long as Ubi keeps going as they are, the best time to get into FH will be the present moment, whenever that is.