For Honor \(._.)/

Anybody else HYPED AS FUCK as I am ?

3 nations to choose from : Vikings, Samurais and Knights
4v4 Medieval battlefield with lot of AI soldiers
Male and Female Heroes available
There will be Multi and Single player included



But it’s an Ubisoft game, so…

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Nice idea (although I’ve seen something like this very long time ago, can’t recall the title), but probably will be ruined by a boat load of glitches and other unpleasant things.


dont kill my hype T_T

I am, I am… ; )

I’ve seen it during the E3 stream and it was quite awesome !..

(plus, the guy who presented the game… I’ve never seen someone looking that much like a warrior !.. xD)

edit : OMG samurais actually have voodoo skin !!!..

im only pissed that there is no release date. meaning we could be waiting till 2017 for this.

Unrealistic medieval combat is unrealistic

but it does look cool.

Not even remotely.

A knight would destroy a samurai in single combat. It wouldn’t even be a fight. It’d be a slaughter.

Why do people keep pandering to weeaboos with this garbage.

eh not really. the heavy armor would slow the knight down greatly. and katanas can pierce just as strong as they can slash.

No, no they can’t. They were designed to cut through cloth armor because that’s all the Japanese were able to produce. Thier pig iron made for brittle, poor quality metal, and on top of that it was scarce, they had enough to make weapons and only weapons. European smelting techniques made for vastly superior metal, and the abundance of metal allowed them no make high quality suits of armor consisting of both plate and chain mail. If you tried to pierce a suit of european armor with a samurai sword, the sword would probably shatter.

Samurai sword can’t pierce old bud, only slash…
Knight’s sword on the other hand, designed to pierce through thick amors.

they had it on deadliest warrior.

it went something like spartan > viking > samurai as the top 3 of the first season. knights are just too fat and slow.


oh yeah i forgot who im talking to. the nimrod who thinks he knows all for evolve as well :wink:

Oh no, guys, keep it friendly and civil :sweat_smile:

No, sure, you’re right. You saw it on a TV show made by SPIKE. It has to be true.
Those books I read were probably wrong anyway.

books < live visual tests. the only shield/armor that could actually withstand any blow was the spartan gear. everything else was destroyed in one form or another.

books are just opinions written on paper. look at the bible lol.

As far as I know, the release date will be somewhere in 2016 , so kinda meh but better than 2017 :slight_smile:

I just really wish they wont fk this game up, cause it looks soo awesome

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id say this is the best medieval sim we have seen so far. I also like that 2, or hopefully 3 vs 1 can be a good fight that the 1 player can win.

if i can 1v4 i will never leave this game lolol. thats all i will do. hide and wait so my team gets rekt. then walk in like a boss and save the day lol.

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Oh I can imagine it …
Hard rock music, slow mo, exploding horses, sunglasses, fedora spinning on your finger…

Yea that would work…

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