For gods sake fix the AI for hunters


The hunter AI needs a complete overhaul i watched my 3 AI teamates all get downed to one dune beetle without shooting it once, like they need to be retuned cause I’ve never seen a game’s AI this bad since titanfall


I know that the AI dev team will be super enthusiastic to get on the case after this positive and morale boosting post.


It’s really hard not to make fun of the ai in this game. Ive seen better half life bots.


When you lose multiple games cause your AI just stand there and dies to anything or even better stare at you inside plants till you die, it gets stupid and beings to annoy me


The main problem I have with bots is they are too agressive with wildlife as in the medic tries to murder sloths. Never had a problem with them not fighting back and if you are in a plant take over the bot and get yourself out…


I shouldn’t need to hotswap and solo i play with laz but thats beside the point


I will agree the AI does need some work in regards to the out-of-combat behaviors; I actually JUST got out of a custom w/ 1 other bud as we tried out some of the new patch changes. Our AI, Trapper and Support, both quite literally ran face first into a sloth and continues to try and merge into a single entity with it before both being downed at the same time before Assault could turn around and kill it.

In combat? They’re fine. Easy to beat, but I don’t expect them to bend you over the barrel every game (Though sometimes… sometimes I wonder who p*ssed in their cheeri-o’s cause they come after my booty something fierce on occasion O.o)

It’s just… They don’t seem to heed Shear’s wildlife very effectively, and if there’s something we’ve all learned, it’s that Momma Shear don’t like being ignored, AI or no O.o


I know what you mean, it’s hard to fight a monster when your team mates don’t cooperate.
If only there was a way the other hunters could be as smart as people… Hmmm…


AI Markov bumbles along behind everyone and sees his loyal team stealthily avoid a Dune Beetle
Revive Markov
Revive Markov and decide if he is so insistent on killing the creature that you will help. Then he abandons you mid fight and you get downed.


It’s because people are quieting. I’m having the hardest te getting in a pub match with 2 co pentane people. It’s getting bad


Actualy the ai was MUCH smarter but after the t4 update they got glitchy . Then came the balance patch witch gave them the inteligience of a 4 year old


Im guessing something with went wrong with the patch and did this