For everyone that wants a flying monster


What te heck would it’s tracks be?


I think a flying monster would negate the point of having tracks since it could easily be seen. I think that would be fair. Not that they would ever make a flying monster, that would be ridiculous.


Well, what about the tree leaves? Also, how would I work in the Broken Mine?


It’s not going to happen so don’t worry about it :wink:


XD Try telling my friend that. He’s obsessed with it


If it did happen, anything with low ceilings or caves would just propel it down right below its surface once it got under it most likely


Yea, I suppose


So… what is Kraken then? :no_mouth:


He hovers 10 chars


Apparently not a flying monster haha


That was my thought as well…lol.


It should periodically poop :+1:

Oh and also simply clench when sneaking…


No, no. Kraken has a slow hover/fly, and it can walk. People want a main flying monster, with bad ground movement


poop, and lots of it


have you heard of the kranken he a flying monster


they updated the krkan he flys really easy and very fast now


Yea but the whole point of a flying monster is that it is fast in the air and slow on the ground. Kraken is the opposite of that


Taking inspiration from Kraken, what about glowing feathers?


what did i just say they updated the kraken he is way better he is in the air like all the time barely on the ground


Ok. But maybe something with actual wings. Right?