For console people, this is how you kill a decoying wraith with assault


Context: Monster = 3rd best goliath on Xbox one. according to leaderboards + past experiences

Situation: Wraith vs 2 hunters left. He thinks he can go ham but no he can’t.

How to track a decoying wraith? Spam LT (aim) this will follow the monster regardless if he is invisible. You can see in the video at two instances I know exactly where he is and I’m centered on him. God bless auto aim.!155&authkey=!ABa-R9Rz3UzOFLM&ithint=video%2Cmp4


Console peasants really?


Masterful editing really


Yeah not a good way to get people to listen…

I don’t use auto aim so this isn’t useful, taking half a second to kill a decoy and using your brain to work out it’s obviously a decoy isn’t very difficult.

I suppose it’s something only the PC master race can achieve though(even though I play on PS4, wut)


3rd best goliath? According to who?


The real way to track a wraith in decoy is watching just how she splits. When wraith uses decoy you need to swap to a non auto targeting weapon. because all targeting weapons will swap right to the decoy itself. Avoid the decoy if possible and fire just behind it. If your hyde for example its much easier since you can refocus and continue to flame thrower where the wraith decoyed from and keep her under the cross hair Punishing her for using decoy, if she traversals thats just fine her decoy vanishes and your team is safe from it’s potential damage while she wastes time. having a rapid fire weapon helps in tracking her more effectively as she will pop out of stealth from each source of damage applied. i’m looking into making my own youtube channel and showing some gameplay with my team. If anyone was watching @GentlemanSquirl 's stream the team consists of [Abe] Out to trap, Fluffyburrito, unicorn utters, and myself. we play on PC if anyone would like to scrim or learn from us.