For competitive(sp correction) reasons....Please


Allow us to either turn off achievement notifications or have them not pop up over the hunters health HUD in the lower left corner. You cannot take away valuable information in the middle of a fight. Especially as a medic when I need a easy fast place to see my fellow hunters health.

Also, please make it easier to have each hunter know if another hunters ability is down or ready to be used. What I mean, is in the health HUD, have the hunter logo(trapper spear, support shield ect change color when the class ability is up or not. For example, you could have it glow green when ready, and when down, could be gray. This way, when I am healing the almost dead trapper as the monster focuses assault, I know if I need to heal assault as their shield is not charged or I can keep on the trapper as assault has a shield for protection when they pop it…

Of course you could have communication via Mics and chat, but this would eliminate unneeded conversation as everyone knows how everyone is doing at all times.

That is all I have for today!


As a medic it annoys me greatly when those notifications pop up.


I assume you mean “competitive?” And yes, agreed.

If I’m locked in a battle to the death trying to keep three idiots alive as they fight a giant monster I do not need or want to see a giant blue box telling me I know how to hold down a button. Please.


Spelling updated, thanks. Glad this wasn’t a competitive spelling competition :smile:


Pretty sure that an option not to show awards is scheduled. Find the Q&A that was on the 24hr charity stream


Really?! Wow, that is amazing news! Great to hear if true. I will believe you and hopefully before the end of the year, it will be patched :smile:


I agree with this, I don’t care for those notifications constantly. Especially those that tell you “You did 800 damage with your rocket launcher”… Who cares? -.-


Especially after you have hit lvl 40 and do not care about XP anymore… :smile:


I hit 40 forever ago. ^.-