For Christ Sake do something pls


in hunt 2.0 ranked too many people are choosing kraken, wraith, val, hank, sunny, wasteland maggie and etc. really almost nobody picks characters like gorgon, lazarus, bucket, jack, emet or so. its really annoying and boring that characters like kraken are the most powerful stuff in the game (and get picked by players 80% of the time) and chars like bucket get never picked.

for example:
i heard they gonna change the cloak for the supports to give less picked sups better chances to save hunters.
well if every support gets a different ability it could be possible.

we got hank, tech hank, bucket, cabot, sunny and kala. so 6 supports and more than half of them are useless for the complete playerbase.
somethings wrong here …


Haven’t played or posted in weeks, any new content or patches lately?


There’s a micropatch coming out soonTM that should have several of these toned down some. However, with the Title Update delayed until Summer, it’s unlikely that the meta will change before then.

We don’t know how or when it’s happening. It’s not even 100% confirmed and could simply never happen. Not enough info.

It’s tough to get a point across about this because it’s just the state of the game. Right now, defensive Supports are the best flavor and offer a lot more for the team with less skill required. Some people use them for fun, but lots use them because they’re just the best. Kraken’s been strong for a while, but with upcoming Monster buffs, I’d expect to see others cropping up in short order.

@Ron_Codpiece This isn’t really the thread to ask that.
Here is updated info on what’s upcoming in the micropatch:

And you can make a thread asking about what all you missed, but I doubt anything’s happened, so you can likely just read a few threads and get the gist of what’s going on.


Depends on how long you’ve been gone. Here is the general consensus on balance:

Of course that’s just generally. Don’t form your own opinions around it. That only adds to the toxicity.



All good links provided above, all good places for discussion