For anyone Watching Wimbledon. Monster on the Court


Forget Andy Murray, I know I’m meant to support him because he’s UK and all, but this guy. He’s the TRUE MONSTER.

Props go to @Hemslow on Twitter for spotting this one!



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Wonder if he actually plays or just thought the wristband was cool. >_> Quick! Someone run out onto the court and ask him! :grinning:


Oh that is too cool…


I was rooting for Dreadman so much also, didn’t even notice this.

Fuck Murray, this man gotta win. <3


That match was really, really awesome. Brown has a very entertaining high risk-reward play style.

But did not notice that… Great find!


That is a great find, I watched the match from when Brown was 2-1 up. Played great. Didn’t notice this either, wonder if he play’s Evolve or just likes the merchandise :stuck_out_tongue: