For all you Left4Dead fans out there


A bunch of Turtle Rock Studios peeps will be playing a never before seen, unfinished, “Lost” L4D campaign in a half hour or so for charity.


Someone pin this globally.
Wish I could play L4D, but the lag is too great!



Sounds fun I’ll be there :smile:


Omg YES…the nostalgia ! … hmm i wonder if their gonna do anything to evolve in a homage to l4d …that would be nice


I don’t know how they could bridge the two but I’d certainly like to see something along those lines.


I’d like to see L4D survivors skins for the Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


Im guessing that they might make an event or possible easter egg if it were to ever happen :wink:


@MacMan we know your dirty secret of liking correct guesses… stop teasing us!


MacMan’s likes are getting me excited :grin:


so cool, thanks for the heads up. looks like an excellent map. bummer that we’ll never see it in a future release though.


The amount of @Macman likes is over 9000!
If you like this Macman, then you will force me to explode from hype for L4D skins.


This is enjoyably chilled.


Thanks for tuning in!!!



Wait, what? Darn it! I missed it!.. That’s my punishment for not being active this week. -.-


I think we are booting it up again but in versus mode.


I missed it, but I’m assuming this is the campaign?


Versus? Aw yeah!


Anywhere I can watch a recorded version?

L4d <3