For all the SF nerds out there


So, I’m a sucker for 4X games, even though I play only a little. But lately I was looking towards the succesor of a game I troughoutly enjoyed - StarDrive 2 - And came across a very funny achievement list full of cool references I wanted to share. Some of these are obvious, while some are not…


I’m a big fan of 4X games. Is stardrive 1/2 any good?


The first one was the idea, but it got abandoned, so it’s somewhat complete, but nowhere near the level the second game has right now after launch.

The second one doesn’t have the RTS concept anymore, but it’s way more thought out in every other aspect. Both are worth checking out. The only sad thing is that Multiplayer isn’t a thing.

But if you liked Master of Orion, go grab the second one right away.


Sweet. I’ll have to check it out. HUGE fan of Moo 1 & 2. 3 was a bit of a disappointment though. Although, I already have enough backlog of games on my steam account. Maybe when it goes on sale :slight_smile: Always a good sucker for a 4x game though. Endless Legends and Space was alright for a little while.


I see what you did there :wink:

Stardrive 1 was canceled due to an error with something, i do not recall, stardrive 2 is good but needs some UI improvements.