For all the Evolve haters. (Probs wrong forum to post on)


First, I want to say that I was not sure of getting this game in the beginning, as I saw all the negative feedback given during the beta and launch of the game.

Fortunately, I was able to see the positive side of the game, therefore I just ordered Evolve from Amazon, and it should be arriving very soon.

Now, to address the haters, TRS has worked their asses off for this game, you cannot even begin to fathom how much hard work has been put into this very highly critised game.

TRS is a studio that from my experience takes pride in their work, and they try to collect as much info and advice from the community to make their game better and more enjoyable for the consumers that bought this game.

Also I know from various sources that Evolve was a very hard game to make, and a very expensive one too. In addition, TRS only about 90 people working on this game. That is 90 people that made one hell of a game that I will enjoy for years to come.

Evolve is not like anything that I have seen on the game so far (Except for Left 4 Dead). I have wanted this type of game ever since I started playing videogames, TRS have granted my wishes and have delivered this awesome game for people all around the globe to enjoy.

Last thing, think about how much hard work has gone into this game, because you (The haters) could probably never make a better Hunt/Monster simulator that Turtle Rock Studios has made for you.

Thank you TRS, we all love you!