For a AAA title this game lacks customization (trying to sell skins :( with no ingame customization)


also hunters can’t crouch 0.0

Elite skins.

Not a war game.

Artists had nothing to do since Alpha.

No more hat simulators.


I am not talking about that if you are selling a game this price why not make weapon colors and monster body parts customizable? I am not against skins they are fine but why not let people do their own customizations…

can we have a discussion here not just blind fanboyism

It’s not fanboyism, I’m making a point to the title. (Trying to sell skins :frowning: )

Customizing body parts or adding stuff to characters can throw off players as to what they are playing against, which is something TRS doesn’t want to do.

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do you work for TRS or 2k? so stop talking on behalf of them you just end up sounding like a fanboy…

Personally i would love to see particle changes in the skins and more the hunters like different clothing.

The customizing part of the dlc seems to also lack meaning. When i got the elite Goliath skin i felt so ultimate. Like I am the elite of my species I am the strongest the unique the rearrest of them all but. I don’t get that feeling when i see the other skins.

Also whats better then a golden gun? Like come on I love this game but I’m not going to buy anything besides the new characters. The extra stuff seems over priced and meh compered to the stuff I know can be made. PUSH YOUR TALENT! I believe :fist:

Do you? So stop talking like you know the reasons they have for rolling with this plan. Sorry if it sounds harsh, not meaning to flamebait (or whatever)

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It’s just a color change and it cost as much as a bundle of colors for almost any fighting games. Just think they could do a bit more. Not saying what they have now is bad but still I believe in them to pull out some pretty cool and awesome stuff like what the base game is. Don’t mean to seem like a ungrateful person but yea lol.

Btw i like to hear the opinions of others so no worries bruh :smiley:

For the base price the game is severely lacking in content. Customization would have been a nice touch for unlocks but they choose to sell them at an absurd price.

Right now the only customization you can get without paying for it are Elite skins.


I say if you want more skins keep talking about it, I quote slabofmeat and he said if people continue too scream about wanting skins it may happen but as of yet it’s not part of the plan, so keep screaming enough and you will be heard.

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I don’t think customization is a requirement for a AAA title. This game has given hours upon hours of entertainment…that used to be enough for people.

But concerning the skins, the monster ones are cool but I don’t see the point of the hunter skins. Not very apparent in-game anyway. I’m not sure I’d bother changing my look anyway, I like the way they look now and I’m too focused on the hunt to notice what anyone is wearing. It’s not an MMO where you stand around and chat.


I like how you started out all nice, looking like a person to have a genuine discussion with (fanboy vs ‘opposer’ type discussion), without acting all hostile and disregarding towards each other. Such a shame, that the internet claims another victim. I tried to have a normal discussion (in a slightly aggressive style, I have to admit), but no, that would be too much asked hm? Oh well, I hope you have a pleasant life, and happy hunting I guess?


Honestly, people in here are giving valid points and all you’re doing is accusing them of being fanboys. Sounds like you posted this expecting people only to agree with you, and now you’re annoyed they aren’t doing so.

Also, crouching doesn’t have any use in this game, the way it’s designed, it’s not like the monster has an AK-47 and the hunters need to take cover from it.


You have a very good point its a fps and a new outfit wouldn’t serve much purpose, whereas monster’s are 3rd person and do have full skins.
I’m happy with how the game is any extras would just be an added bonus I think.


Despite his delivery, he has a valid point. When the game lacks content in numbers, (You can’t denied it doesn’t) why on earth are they trying to sell us something they could easily impanelment? You can only unlock one set of skins in-game, but you can buy three times that. Those should be unlock able. Maybe after each star you can get a new skin. I love the game but this really grinds my gears. Sure you can play the game without them, but I find it a little insulting.

Its not required but its nice to have something to work to. I loved spending Hours unlocking all the cool costumes in other games like Mortal Kombat in the old crypt. The feeling of working for it is nicer and more rewarding then paying for a over priced skin. At the very leas I would like to know the mind set behind the price choice to be explained a bit. Don’t mean to compare to very different games but when i play league I understand why I’m paying so much for a single skin. I would like to see content worth the cash money.

ahh another one detected sir ! , yes sir he posted a wall of text , yes sir its meaningless…ok sir dropping ignore bomb

One of the devs has actually stated that the reason the skins only alter the weapon colors because they have a set color theme for each class of hunters meant to help identify which hunter is which that they would like to stick to.

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