Footprints/New Perk


So I have an idea to make sneaking more viable. Add a new perk for the Hunters.

What I propose is this: Monsters footprints no longer leave the glowing blue aurora, instead add a perk that allows the Hunters to see the blue aurora like normal. It will be available from lvl 1 (like Jump Boost is) and it will let you see the aura. This will allow Monsters to run around without having to worry about the aura.

I know this sounds way OP in the Monsters favor but keep in mind, Monsters do leave a footprint when they walk, its just underneath the aura and that footprint shows up in dirt and other soft materials so this could help make Monsters go towards things like rocks and man-made structures, this allowing stuff like caves to not be the only resort to experienced Monsters. So there are realistic ways of tracking like following the dirt prints, knocked over trees, corpses.

Now say you have no idea how to look for those signs, well there’s the all too familiar Carrion Birds to help out, this perk will help lower levels find the Monster and higher levels evade the Hunters. Because we all know that at higher levels (against experienced Hunters that is) Monsters are generally underpowered… unless its Kraken.

The perk could also be added on to the Albino Spotter’s buff that allows you to see creatures within 40m.

What do you think? My reasoning behind this is also you don’t really see tracks until you’re within about 15m of them so its not like you can spot then from across the map anyway.

TL;DR Remove the blue aura from tracks and add that as a new perk.


How will it get better as you level up? O.o

(I dunno, this will take a lot of time to consider >.<)


Well, the brightness or radius in that you can see it might increase.

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Or we could make this a wildlife buff for the Elite Dune Bettle.


Aye. The radius seems like a good progression for the perk >.<
Gobi does see all O.o

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Elite Batray Buff confirmed.

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As @GobiSeesAll said:

Then again at lvl 1 the game gives you the lvl 3 Jump Boost. Could do the same here.

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Do they? O.o
(I must say I never noticed T.T)


Might be new, I only know because I have an alt account I’m trying to level up.

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I really, really like the idea.

That said, at the point where you started comparing it to Carrion Birds to explain why the idea is balanced, I realized that if anything needs to be changed about Hunt, it’s removing the dumb RNG Carrion Birds mechanics.

Same for the Trapjaw packs. Both mechanics punish the Monster for just having a general playstyle.
Both mechanics force Monster players into the run-like-hell technique and almost no Monster even bothers with stealth anymore since you’ll just get random birds showing up anyway.
And people wonder why sneaking isn’t effective? Haha.

Hunt could use a lot more depth instead of Hunters dropping down, noticing they can’t spot the Monster or footprints at first glance and then just wait until they see the huge “MONSTER ATTRACTED BIRDS” pop up on their screen.

In this case I genuinely think removing Carrion Birds would add more depth to Hunt. Mediocre players would finally learn to pay more attention to broken terrain, corpses and whatnot.

Remove the nonsensical RNG Carrion Birds or give the Monster a chance to fend them off, possibly remove the dumb Trapjaw packs that literally add no gameplay value at all, then and only then start considering any other changes like those you mentioned about footprints.


I don’t mind the Trapjaw packs as much as the Carrion Birds, as they at least don’t alert the Hunters instantaneously, but they’re exceptionally annoying if you just brought down an albino and now can’t deny the buff from the Hunters without spending half a minute punching fat space dogs.

I like that they’re there and can be used as a tracking mechanism that requires alertness on the Hunters’ part without being totally unfair to the Monster, and I feel like they serve that purpose better than the Carrion Birds do. It’s their eating stuff while you’re still right on top of it that can be obnoxious. It makes no sense to me to punish Monsters for using AOE abilities to get lots of wildlife kills when a majority of Monster skills are AOE based and are unwieldy for single targets.



I agree, fuck Carrion Birds.

Trapjaws aren’t nearly as bad, sure you sit there for like an additional minute or two just murdering them so you can get your food… and then another pack shows up… and another…

But at least they don’t make a huge blip where you are. I try sneaking all the time but the game just says "Nope, fuck you, lemme just strategically place some birds here, oh and make you attract some birds here, oh and lets throw a Trapjaw pack at you… or a couple, and a Nomad, just for fun.


Let me get this straight. You want to remove the foot print glow from the beginning and make it a perk instead?


@Bazorias Remove the glow from it and turn that into a perk, like how the Spotter’s perk allows you to see creatures within 40m, it will allow you to see the footprints within a given set of distance like 15m or something, how it is now.

Give sneaking Monsters more of an edge and it will help competative play greatly.


Keep in mind that if they remove carrion birds, then there is suddently no way to find a sneaking monster outside of Daisy or the monster consuming a random tracking dart as long as the monster don’t leave a trail of broken trees and carcasses.

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Unless you are on a personal quest to consume every single creature you come across, you don’t have to make an obvious trail, no.


B-but i’m a hungry boy. :cry: :goliath_roar:

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So, the footprints disappear… The hunters have to forego a damage, reload or other perk so they can pick the “tracking” perk. But he monster can still take their damage, resistance, or other perk. That doesn’t seem fair to me. Maybe it should be a monster perk instead where they can choose it in lieu of another more effective one.

See what I mean here? It’s not balanced either way.

I want to see sneaking made more viable as well. I don’t think this is the way though. It weakens the hunters twofold. Taking away their tracking and possibly a more beneficial perk.

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