Foot prints need toning down?


Anyone think Monster foot prints need toning down?


No, I think they’re fine. Most monster players don’t even leave many prints…


Plus as a monster you can leave false tracks. Circle around a few times and easily lead them off.


Nah. It’s good, i think.


Is it possible to not leave footprints after a leap?


No that’s not possible, it wouldn’t make any sense either if you could.

From a gameplay perspective, it means insane speed while stealthed.
From a logic perspective, there’s no way such a big creature leaves no footprint by landing a leap like Goliath does.


That’s about what I figured, just wondering as I know wraith can (but leaves warp tracks I think).


I think they should disappear faster from the mud by 10% or something small


Wraith and Kraken both leave different marks while not touching the ground, but they do leave marks.

The only way to not leave marks for any monster is to sneak, which is slow but that’s the point.