Food For Thought Regarding Monster/Hunter Balance


I’m really happy to see a community forming around this game again. With that said I’m pretty confident a lot of players who are coming back are immediately bouncing off the game once again. And I’m going to explain why I think that is.

The monsters are too powerful.

Now before you auto-respond with comments about team co-ordination and high levels of play know this. A lot of player are not going to experience said high levels of coordinated play because they are going to perceive an extreme imbalance in the game after losing ten times in a row to monsters and quit.

So is this game simply not for those people? If yes, so be it. Evolve can go back to having a tiny community. But I think there is a better alternative. The game needs to be balanced dynamically. The nature of the game’s asymmetrical design necessitates that a team’s coordination be taken into consideration. If you balance the monsters for the upper echelon of hunter players then 90% of the community is left by the wayside, losing candidly every game.

So here are a couple solutions:

  1. Monsters are balanced differently in casual and ranked mode, with ranked balance accounting for and necessitating a certain level of coordination on the hunter’s part.
  2. Monsters or hunters receive diminished stats after a certain win streak number in the casual queue.
  3. Veteran monster players can select to play with reduced stats for some kind of prestigious/elite rewards. This allows pro monster players to strut their stuff and earn something cool while newer hunters become familiarized with the game.

I hope you’ve seriously thought about what the current balance means for the game’s lifespan before you post in this thread. Granted this is a beta, so there is still time to fix this problem but I’d be lying if I said the monster balance hasn’t already turned away a lot of would be players.